Our training aim is to make people get skills and knowledge about occupational safety and health that will be useful for their job.

Safety is very important, especially for manufacturing, mining, oil & gas and its supplier and contractors because it maintains company image so that legal permission will always be issued by the governance. But safety is not only about company image, but actually for company profit, because an incident will make the company lose much profit. So, to maintain policy zero incident should increase its safety performance. One of the way and it's the important way to get best safety performance is by training the employees.

Our Clients provide the venue (in-house training). This will be more economical because the cost is only to pay the fee for the instructor, transportation and cost for handouts and souvenir with no limit for the company's participants who want to attend, but in some training, it would better not more than 20 people in a class. Another option is Indo Training provide the venue, meals and tools. This will be counted per person who attended the training session.

We provide selected trainer which have experience and good knowledge in the topic given and have best attitude and style to teach. TRAINING MATERIAL Updated and well arrange of training material, that will give the best knowledge to the participants. TRAINING METHOD We will provide the best training method so the participants will get a full understanding of the topic given. We open a free consultation after training for three months and will assess the participants for the company sake after three months to make sure that they still have the knowledge about the training. Assessment will be conducted by email, and all the result will be reported to the company person in charge so they will know the progress of the training for every participant they have sent. TRAINING REPORT Indo Training will give a complete report for the training given, so our client will get much advantage from this report, either to know the effect of the training and the knowledge progress of the participants they sent. FREE CONSULTATION Free consultation for three months related to the topic given either by the company attendants or the company's PIC. PRICE Economical or under market price.



  • We conduct Safety Training, like:
  • Defensive Driving
  • Basic Fire Fighting
  • Basic First Aid
  • Hazards Identification and Risk Assessment
  • Emergency Response
  • CSMS (Contractor Safety Management System)
  • SMK3 (OHSMS-Occupational Safety and Health Management System)
  • Incident Investigation
  • Basic Cause Tree Analysis
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Basic Safety Training
  • Electrical Safety
  • LOTO
  • Ergonomic / Manual Handling
  • Behaviour Based Safety
  • Safety Management
  • H2S
  • Confined Space
  • Slinging and Rigging
  • Occupational Health Training
  • Government Occupational Health and Safety Rules and Regulations
  • Safety Officer Program Training
  • or other safety training